Cancer is known as the Crab for those born June 21 through July 21st.  This is an approximation because of the irregular rotation of the earth and therefore not every year will Cancer begin exactly on the 21st or even end on the 21st.

When I think of Cancer I immediately think of the great care-taking qualities of a loving and protective parent figure.  You are basically by nature conservative and home-loving, appreciating the nest-like quality of a safe and comfortable home to which you can escape and retire from the stresses of the outer world.

The key phrase that best describes the Crab is “I feel.” That is because your sign is intensely emotional, nurturing, feeling based and sensitive to the needs of others.  I have always said that a Cancer will tell you that as long as it feels right it doesn’t matter what logical convention dictates they are going with their gut feeling. And guess, what? They usually are right to listen to this inner voice because many Cancers, if they will only follow their hearts and feelings are very psychic or at least intuitive in nature.

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