Gemini is known as the Twin for those born May 22 to June 21.  This is an approximation because of the irregular rotation of the earth and therefore not every year will Gemini begin exactly on the 22nd or even end on the 21st.

When I think of Gemini what comes to mind is the witty, bright and often restless nature of one who needs constant mental stimulation, variety and most important; space and freedom.

The key phrase that best describes the Twins is “I think.” Your mind never stops which can also makes you a bit on the nervous side but at least you are never boring and then again you may not be sticking around very long to become boring. You are like a butterfly flying from flower to flower wanting to meet everyone and learn everything so that no stone is left unturned. Which of course, all this intense curiosity can leave you mentally drained causing you to retreat to recharge that others see as being moody but maybe you are better described as manic and entertaining rather than using that boring adjective of moody to pin on you.

The symbol associated with your sign is the Twins. The constellation of Gemini is recognized in the sky by its two stars, side by side, like identical twins.  However one star is brighter than the other indicating that there is a bright and divine side to Gemini but also a darker side that Gemini’s need to accept and not repress as best described in the famous tale of Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde.

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