Libra is known as the Scales of Justice for those born September 24th through October 23rd. This is an approximation because of the irregular rotation of the earth and therefore not every year will Libra begin exactly on the 24th or even end on the 23rd.

When I think of Libra what comes to mind is definitely the concept of the balancing act, the person trying to juggle all the balls without dropping any of them. Your life is dedicated to have all things in harmony and all relationships at peace. Of course this is a tall order to perform but it doesn’t stop you at taking the role of the peacekeeper even when you should keep out of it.

The symbol associated with your sign is the Scales of Justice.

The reason for the scales of balance or justice is that most Librans come into this lifetime feeling out of balance and are so driven with having harmony, peace and beauty that you compromise your own personality to constantly make peace with others.  When you should be saying no, you will still say yes. And eventually trying to keep a lid on your normal resentments in life the lid blows off like a pressure cooker exploding and then when enough pressure has been released you put the lid back on tight before everything is resolved because you want harmony returned as quickly as possible at the expense of your individuality. And so you will see a pattern of Libran’s swinging from gentleness and rudeness.  If you could only let the scales go out of balance and leave it alone until it finds its own balance you wouldn’t have to keep blowing like a Grey whale.

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