Pisces is known as the Fish for those born February 20 through March 20th. This is an approximation because of the irregular rotation of the earth and therefore not every year will Pisces begin exactly on the 20th or even end on the 20th.

When I think of Pisces I think of the sign of unconditional love.  In other words, you will love and accept totally and unconditionally until others prove you wrong. And even that won’t convince you right away.

The key phrase used in astrology to describe the fish is “I believe,” and that is your great gift for the world; your incredible faith and belief in life and others.

Pisces sees all others as being one and connected to each other regardless of race, culture or sex. And this is why you are so psychic, spiritual, compassionate and embrace universal love so unconditionally. This powerful knowingness that all of mankind is somehow connected and a part of the universal consciousness or God, is a major part of the inner workings of the Pisces personality.

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