Scorpio is known as the Scorpion of the zodiac and you are born October 24th through November 22nd.  This is an approximation because of the irregular rotation of the earth and therefore not every year will Scorpio begin exactly on the 24th or even end on the 22nd.

When I think of Scorpio what comes to mind is one who is determined, shrewd, protective, jealous, and powerful.  You are a sign prone to obsession, and the Scorpion is not casual about anything, from your career to your love life.

The key phrase associated with your sign is “I desire,” and this about sums it up. Because your desire nature compels you to be powerful, driven, successful and sexually alluring.  But you often have an inner battle to keep your instinctive desires from taking over your rational thinking.

Scorpio is associated with the descent into the underworld.  For most of us, this signifies a journey to the very depths of our being – a journey that is inevitably painful, for it forces us to confront our inner demons and psychological complexes.  But Scorpio also holds out the promise of resurrection, of returning to the light, thus Scorpio is regarded as the sign of transformation. You typically experience a death or near-death experience, only to be reborn, like the phoenix, rising from the ashes of your former selves and soaring to new heights.

Much has been written about how sexy and sensual Scorpio’s are.  To you sex is very important, and it would be impossible for you to have a happy relationship without great sex. Scorpio’s are passionate lovers, the most energetic of all the signs.

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